Accurate dispensing: a little in the right place

Accurate dispensing: a little in the right place

Our client wished to create a disruptive product for their industry by combining the product dispense and remote control capabilities of two existing offerings into a single, wirelessly connected handheld device.

They also needed to improve the accuracy of the product dispense.

They approached 42T to handle the entire prototype development, including industrial, fluidic, electronic and UX designs. The final prototype provided the user with greater control of the product dispense whilst providing feedback from remote monitoring equipment via the graphical user interface.

Research scientist

Project achievements

  • Developed a prototype wirelessly connected handheld product dispenser
  • Fluidic and electronic design to accurately control product dispense to low levels
  • Industrial and UX design to match the client’s house style
  • Highly positive user feedback from worldwide trial


The improved product dispense both reduced wastage and improved work throughput. A small batch of the prototypes were produced and evaluated worldwide by the client’s end users.

42T’s Head of Electronics & Software, Paul Bearpark, said, “This is a another great example of a 42T multidisciplinary team, led by an experienced project manager, precisely meeting the client’s demanding technical and timescale requirements.”

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