Award winning gas valve

Award winning gas valve

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From a clean sheet of paper, we helped Linde to develop an award-winning, class-leading product protected by more than 20 patents.

42 Technology worked with Linde Gases, a division of The Linde Group, and one of the world’s leading industrial gas companies, to develop the EVOS Ci cylinder package. The innovative new gas valve sets a new industry benchmark for cylinder safety and performance and is being rolled out to all sales regions over the next few months.

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Leading the mechanical engineering development team for EVOS Ci which included a German industrial design company and Italian valve manufacturer, 42 Technology brought the valve to market through extensive user research, competitor analysis and product trials spanning four countries. The valve uses a unique, quick-action lever in place of the more traditional hand-wheel mechanism and at the same time allows users to see from a distance whether the valve is open or closed.

Additional features include: a safety ‘interlock’ system to reduce the risk of the valve being opened accidentally; a guard mechanism to protect the valve while providing easy access to attach or remove regulators; an ergonomically-designed grip so cylinders can be more easily manoeuvred and lifted; and a live content gauge so users can read cylinder pressures at a glance – without having to connect a regulator.

“42 Technology has provided Linde with mechanical engineering skills, as well as expertise in running multi-national projects to help design, develop and launch the innovative EVOS Ci valve. Their engineers worked closely with our in-house team and other partners and as a result we are planning additional joint projects in the near future,” said Colin Haden, who leads the team for packaged industrial gas products at Linde Group.

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