Managing risk in high stakes packaging innovation

Managing risk in high stakes packaging innovation

Our client was developing its next-generation packaging machinery, but was introducing a lot of new technology at once. The project had a high degree of technical risk and faced a demanding delivery schedule.

42T was engaged to assess the project and recommend a plan for success while working alongside our client's team.

What we did

Our first task was to get up to speed on a complex development and conduct a focused technical review of the project's progress and remaining areas of significant technical risk.

We recommended an action plan to help the client team prioritise addressing many technical risks, given the limited time for testing.Packaging innovation

Following our initial review, we worked closely with the client's team to review areas of the ongoing development, and also took on technical leadership for key systems, utilising our deep expertise in CFD simulation and sterile packaging manufacture to build confidence in design concepts for critical parts of the machinery.

We also contributed our pragmatic project management skills with guidance to help the client’s technical team maximise their progress against a challenging schedule.

Project achievements

We contributed our expertise in step-change innovation to our client’s ambitious machine development project.

We were able to quickly get up to speed on this complex, long-established project and recommended a plan to meet the time scales.

By working closely alongside our client's team in a technical review role, we managed to identify the key risks and also led the technical development of key performance systems for the client.

Our support also included an update of the prototype which has now been tested and validated at our customer's site. 


During the project, we and the client substantially progressed the project forward, addressing technical risks in order of significance and ensuring that progress to the plan was maximised wherever possible.

42T’s Senior Manufacturing Consultant, Simon Copley, says, “Building a strong working relationship with our client's team allowed us to support them at a high level with ongoing technical reviews of a number of development areas. We also contributed our CFD expertise to de-risk concepts for critical components where physical testing was not feasible.”

42T’s Director of Industrial, Peter Brown, says, “This is another great example of 42T's industrial team - led by an experienced project manager - precisely meeting the client’s needs and deadlines.”

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