Small-batch RNA vaccine manufacturing system

Small-batch RNA vaccine manufacturing system

42T has collaborated with a start-up developing their deployable ‘biofoundry’ system to improve cleanability, reliability, ease of use, and yield – moving it from initial prototype to viable product

Small-batch RNA vaccine manufacturing system

Our client was awarded funding by the Wellcome Leap RNA Readiness + Response ('R3') programme to develop their concept vaccine manufacturing system to a minimum viable product (MVP).

The programme aims to develop a global network of ‘living’ RNA-based, distributed, and multi-product biofoundries.

The network will expand access to biologic treatments in non-emergency times and economically sustainable, state-of-the-art surge capacity for RNA vaccines in an emergency.

What we did

Working closely with the client and academics, 42T developed mechanical, fluidic and control system architectures for a GMP pharmaceutical manufacturing system.

The team was able to deliver particular improvements to cleanability, reliability and process validation, ease of use, and yield.

We also delivered industrial designs that helped our client engage with stakeholders and clearly communicate key features.Small-batch RNA vaccine manufacturing system

AI-generated image -actual system design is yet to be made public.

Project objectives

  • Scalable, configurable, GMP-compliant design of a miniaturised flow-chemistry-based biologic manufacturing system and accompanying consumables
  • We defined and prioritised requirements of an MVP system, and developed system architectures and industrial designs to showcase the potential of the system to stakeholders

Going to where it's needed

David Griffin, Principal Consultant and manufacturing innovation and automation expert at 42T says, "We’re very excited about the potential for the system to revolutionise how pharmaceuticals are deployed to the communities that need them."

"This project was a great example of what is possible when researchers and industry-experienced engineers come together and collaborate on a potentially world-changing idea."

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