Stress testing a client’s patents

Stress testing a client’s patents

Our client spent tens of millions on the development of their leading product but patents protecting it were not as water-tight as they believed.

We helped them to understand how a competitor would be able to work around their intellectual property – IP – without infringing.

42 Technology bridged the gap between our in-house development and IP teams. Working closely with both groups, their experience working across many industries was invaluable in helping us to understand alternative means by which a competitor could attack our product range without infringing on our IP.

Senior Intellectual Property Counsel for a global Food and Drink manufacturer

An area where we often add value is in helping clients to understand how pre-existing IP can affect their developments.

This can include identifying main players within different markets. Also, identifying emerging technology trends that may have an influence on investment or design decisions.


New technology patents

However, more recently, our expertise in this area has led to a number of projects where we have looked closely at specific packages of IP held by clients.

In some cases, this has been to help clients to understand the technology or market feasibility of patent groups. This has been especially relevant where a technology is yet to be fully developed.

In other cases, this has resulted in us looking at IP covering hugely successful products already in the marketplace.

42 Technology is able to assess the patents surrounding products of high-value either for their owners or for their competitors.

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