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Supporting Barry Callebaut’s chocolate 3D-printing journey

Supporting Barry Callebaut’s chocolate 3D-printing journey

Barry Callebaut is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality chocolate and cocoa products. We supported them with the development of their 3D printed chocolate capability.


Barry Callebaut’s Mona Lisa 3D Studio enables the creation of innovative shapes and designs previously impossible to produce using chocolate. This is done using the first commercially viable, industrial scale 3D printed chocolate production technology. It is the first and only studio in the world where 3D printed designs are created in chocolate at scale.

In addition, the chocolate is delivered via specially developed packaging that optimally protects the delicate contents and reduces risk of breakage to an absolute minimum.

42 Technology’s multi-disciplinary engineering team was able to provide support and advice to the Barry Callebaut R&D team to help optimise and scale their manufacturing capability. This enabled them to achieve yet another breakthrough chocolate innovation following the successful launches of Ruby Chocolate and WholeFruit Chocolate.

You can read more about their breakthrough technology at Mona Lisa 3D Studio.

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