42T experts speak at Engineering Design Show (EDS)

42T experts speak at Engineering Design Show (EDS)

September 2022

The Engineering Design Show (EDS) is UK’s biggest event dedicated to engineering, electronics and embedded design. Design engineers get direct access to the sector’s latest products, services and innovations.

Dr Alan Hart, Director of Product Innovation, and Paul Bearpark, Head of Electronics & Software, were invited to speak at the event taking place at the Coventry Building Society Arena on 12 – 13 October this year.

Both have written many articles for publications in the UK including Eureka magazine, The Engineer, New Electronics, and Manufacturing Management, to name a few.

Paul and Alan shared some of their expertise and methodologies. Whether you’re a start-up looking to glean some insider tips or an established multinational wishing to perfect products and processes or wanting to find ways to cut costs or increase sustainability, the event turned out to be useful for many attendees.

Feedback comments

“I attended your talk at EDS yesterday and found it both very interesting, and extremely engaging. If possible, I’d love the presentation slides to be able to read some of the finer print and see which elements could be useful for our business.” Head of Design, manufacturer of audio products.

“Thanks for a great talk – would appreciate a copy of your slides.” Managing Engineer, automation and logistics technology company.

“Thank you for your clear and straightforward talk on innovation.” Research Director, technical materials manufacturer.

“I thoroughly enjoyed, and found very interesting, your presentation at EDS. I would be very grateful if you could send me a copy.” Director of Engineering, connectivity provider.

Dr Alan Hart

Dr Alan Hart

About Alan

Originally a physicist, Alan brings 25 years’ experience using technology to create better products, both as a consultant applying structured approaches to help established international businesses innovate, and on the frontline in start-ups. Alan is an inventor on at least nine commercialised inventions across multiple industry sectors.

What to expect

His talk sets out to show how mapping out the space in which you’re innovating can lead to a wider portfolio of innovative ideas from your ideation process, better product ideas, and better technical solutions. Used wisely, these sorts of techniques also provide a great framework for circumnavigating the patent minefields that competitors create. His talk was illustrated to show examples of innovation mapping in practice.

Paul Bearpark

Paul Bearpark

Product compliance testing is one of those areas that can trigger a multitude of emotions and responses. It can be a thing of nightmares for those who’ve had bad experiences. Or just another point on the Gantt chart for others. But it’s certainly a delicate subject that often doesn’t get enough attention.


Paul talked about pre-compliance testing – how it can greatly reduce risks during formal compliance testing. As product developers, pre-compliance is all about reducing risk and validating product design. So, it makes no sense to put it off.

About Paul

Paul is 42T’s Head of Electronics and Software and an experienced engineer, engineering manager and product manager. He has spent over 25 years working in the field of electronics in both product development companies and technology consultancies.

During his career he has led the development of products through their entire life-cycle from concept to volume manufacture and ongoing support and upgrade.

He specialises in radio communications, sensor systems and systems engineering. He has worked in the defence and security, telecommunications, and test and measurement industries. Paul has a first degree in Physics with Electronics from the University of Manchester and MBA from Warwick Business School.

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