Reducing natural resource consumption in manufacturing - published article

Reducing natural resource consumption in manufacturing - published article

October 2022

International Food Marketing & Technology magazine publishes 42T’s article

by Simon Copley, Senior Consultant at 42T

Soaring energy costs in the last year are significantly affecting many manufacturers’ bottom lines.  Separately, the consumer pressure on FMCG brands to be more sustainable is only increasing. Where once consumers used to equate the concept of sustainability just with packaging and recycling, now their awareness also includes the natural resources used during manufacture.

The process of olive cleaning and defoliation in a modern oil mill

Combine both of these factors and it’s no wonder that manufacturers are actively examining the sustainability of their manufacturing processes and urgently looking for new ways to reduce their consumption of natural resources like gas, electricity and water.

But it’s not always obvious how best to reduce resource consumption during manufacture without affecting the final product quality.

What can be done about it?

The article recommends an approach to investigate your manufacturing process and unlock sustainability improvements, focusing not on the resources that end up as ingredients or materials in the final product, but those used for heating, washing and other processes.

Published in ‘International food Marketing & Technology’ magazine (5/22).

View the article online: International food Marketing & Technology magazine.

View the pdf here: Reducing natural resource consumption in manufacturing.

Radishes being washed on conveyor belt on industrial washing line

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