Automating a high value laboratory process

Automating a high value laboratory process

42T’s client was able to invest in a complex piece of automation equipment with confidence that it would put them on the right path for their business, having understood the functional and commercial trade-offs.

Our client has a high-value laboratory process that is labour intensive and required precise liquid dispensing and transfer.

Automation In The Clinical Laboratory Pipetting Robot Laboratory Medicine Robotics.

Their business plan needed a significant throughput scale-up within 12 months and significant investment in automation. 42T helped determine the right system to invest in.

What we achieved

We evaluated the key areas of performance (precision, throughput and sample integrity) and the areas where skilful manual processing would be most challenging to automate. This led to the specification of the minimum viable platform required to do the job.

Lab Technician Working With Pipette In Molecular Laboratory

We interviewed vendors to determine the key attributes of the different platforms. This informed our recommendations of which system to invest in.

Our client could therefore invest with confidence and foresight of the complex technical trade-offs between the available systems.

Feedback from our client

We usually ask clients to evaluate our performance after a project has completed. We received a 10/10 score in every category.

Additionally, they left a comment about working with David Griffin, our Principal Consultant in Manufacturing Innovation & Automation: “Working with David was great – he was responsive, constructive and added much value to a somewhat nebulous process.”

When asked why they chose to work with 42T on this project, they cited their prior work with us and the remarkable level of expertise of our engineers.

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