Construction product innovation driven by product journey

Construction product innovation driven by product journey

Background to the challenge

Our client produces a product used by installers on construction sites. The challenge for them was that landfill waste was being generated by the end-users of their product.

A key component of their packaging was creating tensions with several stakeholders. But simple approaches to replacing or eliminating this component would have a major negative impact on usability and customer satisfaction.Construction site cityscape with high-rise cranes and half built buildings against a setting sun sky

What we did

42T ran a comprehensive customer insight and product ideation programme to capture the product's journey from manufacture to disposal. We identified pinch points where there was room for improvement and invented solutions that eliminated landfill.  Solutions that would also deliver that all-important product experience improvement.

The insight work incorporated site visits, interviews, observations and a careful mapping exercise to capture the product's touch points holistically.  The insights were used to drive product ideation from multiple angles through in-person workshops.

Concepts best meeting the client goals were worked up, sketched and a lifecycle assessment was conducted.

Project achievements

  • Urgent sustainability problem turned into an opportunity
  • Greatly deepened the client's grasp of how stakeholders interact with its product and packaging
  • The product ideation process delivered three very realistic near-term options to solve the problem, and improve the product experience
  • These options achieved a reduction in packaging CO2 emissions of 35 - 50% and a cost reduction of 6 - 8% - with landfill largely eliminated

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42T's Head of Design, Francesca Stephens says, "Our client acknowledged the high level of the team's expertise on the project and a deep level of detail in our work. They added that deliverables exactly met expectations agreed at the beginning of the project."

"They added that they were given a clear market perspective and a field for further thinking with clear ways to move forward."

If you would like to find out more, please contact 42T's Director of Industrial Products, Duncan Lindsay: | +44 (0)1480 302700 Duncan Lindsay | LinkedIn


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