Custom vision system for a digital printing press

Custom vision system for a digital printing press

Our client had identified a third-party supplier of vision systems for analogue printing presses, but realised that adapting the system for a digital press required a significant development programme, making it high risk.

The challenge

Both our client and a third-party supplier of vision systems for analogue printing presses recognised that modifying the off-the-shelf vision system to identify the unique print defects for a high-speed digital press would require a significant development programme. 

This project was viewed as a high-risk, high-profile project by our client, and a project that could not be allowed to fail.shutterstock_345189563

What we did

We were asked to consult on the project, to ensure the third-party understood the unique requirements of the project, and that the project was delivered successfully. 

We helped to translate the client’s user requirements into technical requirements for the vision system by providing strategic project management including continuous monitoring of project risks.

We also provided a discrete assessment of the third-party’s performance to our client’s senior management.

Project achievements

We provided our client with deep technical assessment and risk-driven project management for a business-critical, step-change development project by a third-party supplier.

We kept project on track to deliver world first capabilities. We also managed potential conflicts arising from very different corporate cultures.


42T’s Director of Industrial, Peter Brown, says, “We achieved a positive outcome for all concerned as we successfully delivered these services to the point where the client was able to commit to a full contract with the vendor."

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