Delivering an ultrasonic metrology sensor

Delivering an ultrasonic metrology sensor

We created a custom ultrasonic piezoelectric transducer for high accuracy displacement measurement and predictive maintenance for a well-known industrial manufacturer

Ultrasonic Metrology Sensor

To drive the sensor, we created custom pulser-receiver electronics to drive the transducer and calculate displacement.

The sensor was capable of measuring displacements with an accuracy of ± 20nm. It could withstand large shocks and vibration and survive over temperatures ranging -40 to +200C.

The sensor was delivered to TRL4 and is now undergoing miniaturisation and design for manufacture.

Metrology sensor

42T’s Head of Electronics and Software, Paul Bearpark, said, “At 42T, we have now delivered several projects where we have utilised ultrasound for metrology in some very inaccessible and harsh environments.”

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