Handling of sticky products in a production line

Handling of sticky products in a production line

Our client had developed a new, additional step into their manufacturing process that resulted in increased stickiness of the product in its intermediate state, creating a problematic handling challenge.

42 Technology was approached to assist in resolving these issues, leveraging our expertise in solving complex manufacturing processing problems and dealing with complex and challenging fluids and materials.

What we did

The 42T team investigated the underlying causes of the challenges introduced by the new process. The adhesive properties of the product first had to be understood to identify how to eliminate the problem.

Potential handling solutions were then explored after a series of innovation workshops, with ideas being quickly proved or disproved in laboratory testing using rapid prototyping techniques.

Project achievements

Six complete concepts were generated, evaluated and presented to the client, all of which elegantly tackled both handling and manufacturing process obstacles.

Consideration was given to how each of the concepts might be deployed in the client’s laboratory and pilot plant facilities.Handling of sticky products in a production line

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