High-throughput assay process in early detection of malaria

High-throughput assay process in early detection of malaria

42 Technology hosted a focus group of international delegates to review the new high-throughput LAMP malaria diagnostic tool developed for FIND (The Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics).

The LAMP malaria assay is a major contribution in the elimination of malaria from low incidence areas. It forms part of a strategy called Focal Screening and Treatment.

High-throughput assay process in early detection of malaria

This strategy has the potential to significantly reduce the cost of controlling malaria in the long term. The assay’s high sensitivity, coupled with its robustness to be used in remote settings, makes it an ideal tool for implementation of this strategy.

42 Technology has been leading the development of the high throughput assay process working with a number of high-profile partners including the Hospital for Tropical Diseases and Lumora Ltd.

42T’s wide range of skills and services

42 Technology provides a wide range of product and process development skills: from assessing the feasibility of biological methods, producing prototype devices and proving performance in the real world.

Initial work focused on understanding the needs of existing diagnostic test protocols – with particular consideration for human interaction and how this impacts test performance.

Such analysis will help to identify the challenges involved. 42 Technology proposes novel, tailored solutions.

What our client says

The focus group demonstrated a fully functional process that can be manually run in the field. 42T gathered feedback from the delegates on usability. This came from various environments from gold mines in Colombia to rural African clinics.

The system was very well received. The feedback enabled us to further optimise the system for field trials moving forward.

Dr Mark Perkins, Chief Scientific Officer at FIND said, “42 Technology’s creative approach is helping us solve the complex and interrelated design problems that we see when developing new diagnostics in readiness for private and public sector launch.

The consultancy team is working closely with our scientific experts to understand our needs, evaluate concepts and generate innovative practical solutions that work.”

More information

FIND (The Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics), Hospital for Tropical Diseases and Lumora Ltd.

We work with several clients in multi-disciplinary, international teams focused on medical innovation:

  • Design for manufacture of high precision parts
  • Re-working existing designs for performance improvement
  • Secondary sourcing for supply chain security
  • Formative studies/user evaluations and human factors engineering
  • Test protocols, verification, regulatory support

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