Improving operational efficiency through pragmatic automation

Improving operational efficiency through pragmatic automation

One of our client’s most successful brands was based on a fresh food product which is highly seasonal and requires packing in a quite specific method.

This presented the need for a high level of production operator recruitment and training at the start of each season, and resulted in increasingly high labour costs and variable operator performance.

Improving operational efficiency through pragmatic automation

What we did

By examining the operators’ tasks in detail, a series of specific operations were identified. This showed potential for a level of automation.

We created simple and low cost proof-of-principle automation rigs and fixtures. This allowed us to demonstrate of the increase in operational efficiency that could be achieved.

These demonstrations showed that best-in-class operator performance was achievable from all staff, as well as more consistent packing quality.

We also proposed a roadmap to get from the current setup to the more efficient semi-automated layout in a number of minimally disruptive steps.

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