Understanding true product use and user behaviour with sensor tech

Understanding true product use and user behaviour with sensor tech

We have worked with a range of clients to develop small, low-power sensor units capable of detecting different consumer interactions and product usage profiles.

To understand genuine consumer insights and behaviours we have worked extensively with small, low power sensors. These sensor units have typically been unique, very small, low-power logger devices.

These devices can be incorporated into a product to monitor ‘real world’ use. A range of sensor technologies can be used to enable detection of movement, actuation, shaking and location of use.

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They can be integrated with IT systems or smartphone apps, providing easy-to-understand visual data which is valuable for brand owners.

The data collected from the loggers can be used to improve part durability, measure amount of product used and understand regularity of use.

This has helped clients understand their market better. In turn, this also helps companies to market their brand effectively.

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