42 Technology report unveils top tech trends for 2024

42 Technology report unveils top tech trends for 2024

February 2024

by the 42T Team

Which emerging technologies show the greatest potential to transform industries in innovation, smart systems, sustainability and manufacturing & automation? Our report defines the landscape for business, and where the opportunities may lie.

42 Technology (42T), a leading product development and manufacturing innovation consultancy, has published its first annual technology trend report - download the report for free here.

Jon Spratley & Francesca Stephens at launch of 42T Trend Report

Head of Design, Francesca Stephens reads the Trend Report with 42T CEO, Jon Spratley.

This comprehensive guide outlines the 12 groundbreaking technology trends that are likely to drive innovation and reshape industries this year.

The 2024 Technology Trend Report, which has been researched and written by 42T’s team of seasoned industry experts and technology enthusiasts, will help business leaders stay on top of our rapidly evolving technological landscape. It includes an in-depth analysis of the most transformative technology trends across four essential areas: sustainability, manufacturing and automation, innovation and smart systems.

The report looks at each trend from a practical commercial perspective and suggests major opportunities where businesses can innovate to secure a competitive advantage.

The report can be downloaded free from here or a printed version is available on request from the company.

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42T’s insights include recommendations for businesses to:

  • Exploit upcoming sustainability regulations as a strategic opportunity to outshine their competitors.
  • Drive manufacturing efficiency with pragmatic automation.
  • Boost product features and performance with edge AI but without adding cost.
  • De-risk and develop market-winning products by using Desirable, Feasible, Viable design principles

Dr Jon Spratley, CEO at 42 Technology said:

42 Technology has decided to research and publish its own 2024 Technology Trend Report because we know some business leaders are finding it tough to keep pace with the impact of digital transformation."

"The report draws on our team’s insights and experience gained from working with some of the world’s best known consumer, industrial and healthcare brands. But we hope it will be a useful resource for any size of business in helping to identify some new and exciting innovation opportunities on the horizon."

Discover which 12 emerging technologies show the greatest potential to transform industries in our 2024 trend report...

Pragmatic Automation, Not Replacements: Enhance your workforce and maximise efficiency with smart automation.

Green manufacturing: embracing sustainability challenges as a catalyst for long-term growth

Innovating using the circular design principle is the only road to a sustainable future


About 42 Technology

42 Technology (42T) is a product design and innovation consultancy, based near Cambridge (UK) that helps to create innovative new products and manufacturing processes for some of the world’s best-known brands, as well as start-ups and SMEs. We work across three key sectors: consumer, industrial, and healthcare & life sciences.

The company was founded over 25 years ago and has established a strong reputation for partnering with its clients to solve complex technical problems and develop brilliantly successful products.

The team comprises engineers, scientists and designers, and offers a diverse range of skillsets that includes ethnographic research and usability engineering, product and system design, device testing and regulatory compliance.

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