Food Processing magazine publishes 42T’s hyperspectral imaging article

Food Processing magazine publishes 42T’s hyperspectral imaging article

October 2022

by Dr Euan Smith, managing consultant at 42T and Nick Barnett, Pro-Lite Technology

In this article, the authors discuss the benefits of hyperspectral imaging and how it boosts food quality and process control, and how cost and other advancements are making it a more accessible technology for industry.

Pictured: The Maritech Eye™ scanner checks fish quality

Published by ‘Food Processing’ magazine (October 22 issue).

View the Hyperspectral Imaging article (pdf)

About the authors

Dr Euan Smith is a managing consultant at 42 Technology (42T), a product development and engineering consultancy based near Cambridge, UK.  42T works with and helps to create innovative new products and manufacturing processes for some of the world’s best-known FMCG brands including Pepsico, JDE and Barry Callebaut, to name a few.

Dr Nick Barnett is business development manager for Pro-Lite Technology which specialises in supplying equipment and services for photonics, light measurement and spectroscopy applications.  Nick has extensive experience in helping companies to integrate HSI technology.

He will also chair the hyperspectral imaging and applications conference at this year’s SPIE Photonex event from 7 – 8 December 2022 in Birmingham.

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