42T’s Dr Alan Hart keynote for Engineering Design Show on Innovation process

42T’s Dr Alan Hart keynote for Engineering Design Show on Innovation process

April 2022

Dr Alan Hart

Presentation titled ‘Treasure Maps and Minefields: How the way you create and evaluate new product ideas can benefit from a structured approach.’

42T’s Director of Product Innovation, Dr Alan Hart, gave a keynote presentation at the Engineering Design Show Reconnect’s online event on Weds, 27 April 2022 from 12.50pm.

Alan set out to show how mapping out the space in which you’re innovating can lead to a wider spread of innovative ideas from your ideation process, better product ideas, and better technical solutions.

Used wisely, these sorts of techniques also provide a great framework for circumnavigating the patent minefields that competitors create. Examples of innovation mapping in practice were shown.

To listen to a recording of Alan’s presentation, click on the following link at the 3h50 mark after free registration: Engineering Design Show event recordings

Originally a physicist, Alan brings 25 years’ experience using technology to create better products, as a consultant applying structured approaches to help both international businesses innovate, and on the frontline in start-ups. He is also an inventor of at least nine commercialised inventions across multiple industry sectors.

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Dr Alan Hart of 42T gives slide presentation at The Engineering Design Show event in April 2022


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