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42T’s office refurb: refresh for a growing firm

42T’s office refurb: refresh for a growing firm

July 2022

As we move past post-pandemic challenges and into a growth surge, 42T has responded to unprecedented client activity with a lab and office refurbishment.

Some of our team modelling our new mural! Courtesy of ‘Penfold’.

42T’s CEO, Jon Spratley, says: “After the pause the pandemic created for businesses worldwide, many are keen to catch up on their business growth and sustainability aims.

“We’ve certainly seen the uptick in activity across all industries but particularly in healthcare and manufacturing. It soon became clear that we had to respond to this demand with further staff hires and facilities’ expansion.”

Staff lead the business

As our highly qualified colleagues are central to our business – and being situated in a competitive area like Cambridge – we would like to offer them the best possible facilities and working environment.

In turn, we are then able to offer our clients all the benefits of a specialised and bespoke service with the best qualified staff and state-of-the-art facilities.

State-of-the-art lab and meeting rooms

Staff and client wellbeing is very important to us here at 42T. So we upgraded our office to include expanded lab areas, modern desks with comfy chairs, and bright spaces. New meeting rooms sporting the latest kit and a dedicated staff relaxing spot rounded off our efforts.

The pictures speak for themselves! We had a lot of fun along the way getting things organised. It’s great to see our office provide a space that better supports the team and the fantastic work we do here.

We even let local artist ‘Penfold’ (Tim Gresham) loose on our lab wall:

HubSpot Video


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