Early prototypes help companies to succeed - by 42T's David Griffin in Eureka! magazine

Early prototypes help companies to succeed - by 42T's David Griffin in Eureka! magazine

May 2023

Iterate, innovate and succeed - David Griffin explains why it’s vital to get a working product prototype into the hands of key stakeholders as early as possible. And why it can make all the difference between market success or failure.

David discusses three points to keep in mind when getting your new idea or new product off to a good start in this month's Eureka! magazine.

Devices vary enormously but David Griffin, one of 42 Technology’s senior consultants, explores 10 key points to bear in mind when developing products and systems for clients in consumer, industrial and healthcare markets.

Read the full article published by Eureka! magazine.

David Griffin

If you would like to find out more, please contact David:
answers@42T.com | +44 (0)1480 302700 | www.linkedin.com/in/david-griffin

David is an industry experienced mechanical engineer and our manufacturing innovation and automation expert here at 42 Technology. He is a 'broad-based engineer' with hands-on ability and understanding in mechanical, electrical, fluids, control and software engineering.

His life science industry experience goes back 25 years and covers fluid handling, thermal management, packaging machinery and the development and manufacture of medical devices.

David has been involved with many of 42T's projects helping clients to go from science that works on the bench to robust, scalable automated operation, with the minimum of 're-invented wheels'!

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