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Employee wellbeing focus for Nutrition & Hydration Week

Employee wellbeing focus for Nutrition & Hydration Week

March 2023

We've put some practical things in place as part of national Nutrition & Hydration Week.

What have you done to support your staff in their work lately? At 42T, we take the physical and mental health of our employees seriously which is why we're always finding ways to encourage better wellness and activity.

This week we hosted a lunchtime talk given by a nutritionist as part of national Nutrition & Hydration Week. Jane Rose-Land, who has a degree in nutritional medicine, explained how simple diet modifications can change one's health for the better including combating 'sugar dips' in the afternoon and managing other health challenges.


Nutritionist Jane Rose-Land of Nutrition in Norfolk gives 42T colleagues a lunchtime presentation with samples of soup and salad to try, along with her delicious recipes

HR Advisor, Amy Harrison says, "We have a great team here at 42T and we're keen to support them by making them happier and healthier any time we can! It helps boost the fun aspect of being at work, increases productivity and makes for great team spirit.


"There are other things that we've been doing for some time, for instance, we provide free delivered employee lunches where folks can choose from a range of options - soups, salads and sandwiches - from a local provider. We also provide fruit for the office each morning.

This week, we've put some practical things in place including making gifts of new water bottles and a hydration tracker card to boost hydration levels. 

Waterbottle & hydration tracker

New branded water bottles and a hydration monitor sheet for 42T staff    [Picture: Camille Holland]

Amy adds, "We also like to go on lunchtime walks in the countryside around the beautiful riverside market town of St Ives - a chance to catch up on news and get the circulation moving."

"Friday riverside outings and some after-hours socials are also a regular feature of life at 42T. It's important to have some off-time to balance the high standard of work that we do for our clients."

42T is a great team to work with. We're a group of all-star engineers, scientists and designers with the capability to understand complex technical and commercial challenges, and to develop ground-breaking new products.


[Picture: Camille Holland]

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