Healthcare webinar: Overcoming bias in designing women's health solutions

Healthcare webinar: Overcoming bias in designing women's health solutions

November 2023

Although women make up nearly 50% of the world’s population, women’s health issues are often still considered niche. Reduced participation in clinical research and user studies, reduced funding, and lack of data disaggregation by sex and gender has led to women being systematically overlooked by healthcare systems.

42T's Director of Healthcare, Craig Townsend, says "For the first time, we are bringing our roundtable discussions to the public. 42T has convened an expert panel from CMR SurgicalWild.AIWashington University in St. Louis, and the Cambridge Femtech Society."

"It's important to consider that the current data bias doesn't just affect the female patient, it also affects women working in healthcare with tools designed by men, for use by men, some being unsuitable for female surgeons and other healthcare professionals."

Topics under discussion

  • Cleaning up the biases in clinical data used to train AI models.
  • Enhancing surgical outcomes by re-engineering tools for female surgeons.
  • Maximising the impact of available funding in women’s health research.
  • Opportunities to innovate in the diagnosis, treatment and management of female-specific conditions.

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The free webinar, entitled ‘Overcoming bias in designing Women’s Health solutions’, will take place on Wednesday 8 November at 3pm (UK time).

Four expert panellists

  • Dr Michelle Oyen, associate professor in biomedical engineering at Washington University in St. Louis, USA and the inaugural director of the university’s new Centre for Women’s Health Engineering.
  • Hélène Guillaume Pabis is the founder and CEO of WILD.AI, an AI-driven tool to empower and assist female athletes.
  • Valentina Lorenzi who is president of the Cambridge Femtech Society, a student-led organisation that aims to promote knowledge-sharing and to tackle challenges in femtech - the intersection of women’s health and technology.
  • Dr Mark Slack, chief medical officer and co-founder of CMR Surgical and a consultant gynaecologist, is one of four industry experts participating in a roundtable discussion aimed at improving the diagnosis and treatment of women’s health conditions.

Watch the recording here

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