Women in STEM: paving the way for innovation in women’s health

Women in STEM: paving the way for innovation in women’s health

April 2024

Sarah Knight, Head of Healthcare Technology 42T, argues that until more women can be encouraged to pursue engineering and design as a career, then the full potential of innovation in women’s health will never be realised.

She says, "The huge under-representation of women in STEM not only limits diversity in the workplace but also the quality and inclusivity of healthcare solutions – and therefore the ability of industry to capitalise on opportunities in this growing sector.

Women in healthcare STEM

Improving the representation of women in engineering has far-reaching implications for the industries they can influence."

In 42T's recent panel discussion on the topic of women’s health, one of the strongest recommendations by the expert panellists was that improving diversity in STEM is critical.  As the world of women's health grows, there is a unique opportunity for female engineers to bring fresh perspectives to the design and development of medical devices.

Read the full article in Med-Tech Innovation News here.

Watch the recording of the 42T webinar: Overcoming bias in designing women’s health solutions below.

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Watch the recording here

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