42 Technology shares its packaging design experience

42 Technology shares its packaging design experience

October 2013

Discussing latest innovations in packaging design at recent FDIN event

42 Technology joined the discussion at this year’s Packaging Awards Event for the Food and Drink Innovation Network. The day was full of inspiring speakers and innovative new products to discuss. It was well attended by brand owners, consumer insights services and marketing agencies, which gave our position as a technical development service a unique voice and started lots of interesting conversations.

Amongst the presenters, Dr Alaster Yoxall of Sheffield Hallam University stood out with his compelling case for more inclusive packaging design. In his research he has uncovered some disturbing effects from packaging that is hard to open or confusing. Less able, isolated people will make buying decisions based on being able to access packaging and store it for long periods (to avoid repeated shopping trips). This can result in a very poor diet, such as in one example where an interviewee was living primarily on crisps.

42 Technology’s recent work in packaging design has spanned many product categories and represents a growing area of activity for the consultancy.

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