Breaking the capex barriers to new product development

Breaking the capex barriers to new product development

November 2020

"In their quest for innovation, FMCG manufacturers often overlook what’s already in their armoury," Adrian Swinburne writes in FMCG CEO magazine.

FMCG manufacturers should not overlook the fact that they already have the valuable assets required to produce innovative new products, writes Adrian Swinburne, 42T's Head of Consumer, in FMCG CEO magazine.

The constraints of existing high-value manufacturing assets, and the potentially prohibitive cost of investing in new ones, can often present a real barrier to product innovation. But what can be done about this and what advice would Adrian give?

Adrian maintains, "A manufacturer’s existing asset capabilities can become a highly potent catalyst for the innovation process rather than a barrier to it."

Breaking the capex barriers to new product development

Find out how to improve your new product development (NPD) process by:

  • Defining what constrains the innovation process
  • Finding out how to create manufacturable product ideas
  • Modifying vs replacing

When a company’s production assets are fully understood, the project team stands a greater chance of presenting new product ideas that resonate with engineers within the factory by demonstrating a genuine path towards product realisation.

You can read the article and download a pdf here: FMCG CEO: Breaking the capex barriers to NPD

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Published in FMCG CEO magazine (May issue)

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