Reducing resource consumption - read our article in Manufacturing Management

Reducing resource consumption - read our article in Manufacturing Management

June 2023

By Simon Copley, Senior Manufacturing Consultant

Manufacturing expert, Simon Copley, discusses how soaring energy costs are affecting FMCG manufacturers' profits. Also, it’s increasingly important to communicate sustainability to attract consumers.

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Previously, sustainability was understood just by the recyclability of packaging. Now, consumers increasingly recognize the impact of natural resources utilized during manufacturing.

This is leading manufacturers to examine their process sustainability. The goal? To reduce natural resource consumption (of gas, electricity, water) without compromising product quality.

In his article for Manufacturing Monthly, Simon Copley recommends an approach to challenge your process understanding by focusing on heating, washing, and other processes instead of final product ingredients/materials.

He examines:

  • Motivations to reduce consumption
  • How to unlock resource savings
  • Understanding your current process
  • Understanding resource usage
  • How to generate and select the right ideas
  • Top tips to help you get closer to your goal

Read the article: Manufacturing Management: Sustainability beyond recyclability.

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Published by ‘Manufacturing Management’ (May/June 23 issue)

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About Simon

As a senior manufacturing consultant at 42T, Simon Copley has extensive experience in helping manufacturers solve challenging technical problems, from optimising existing production lines, to developing new manufacturing methods, as well as bringing new products to market.

Why appoint a consultancy?

When companies want to improve their process capabilities to enable new products or for improved production efficiencies, it’s not unusual to expect their primary equipment vendors to provide that input.

In some ways this approach makes perfect sense, but it can also restrict a manufacturer’s options. Sometimes, even the most successful process development projects can only achieve incremental improvements in just one or two areas.

Appointing an external engineering consultancy is often the ideal solution. We can bring a fresh perspective and have a wider range of engineering capabilities. In addition, our multidisciplinary experience can be drawn upon.

Adrian Swinburne, Director of Consumer at 42T

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Adrian Swinburne leads 42 Technology’s work in the consumer sector, developing and managing 42 Technology’s clients in the food, beverage, home care and personal care sectors.

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