Can Technology Solve the Problem of Medical Non-Adherence?

Can Technology Solve the Problem of Medical Non-Adherence?

April 2015

Up to 50% of prescribed drugs or treatments are never taken by patients.

As a result, conditions are undertreated, hospital admissions are increased, and outcomes fall short of what should be possible.

By some estimates, the costs in the US alone of noncompliance with prescribed treatment lies between $100B and $250.

Various technical solutions have been tried, ranging from pill bottles with built in reminders to internet connected medical devices that monitor each treatment event and report back to Health Care Providers.

But the causes of nonadherence are complex and until they are well understood in a given case the effectiveness of any technological intervention will be limited.  The challenge is one of behavioural psychology rather than technology, and the most effective intervention will vary between patients and even at different times of the day for the same patient.

David Griffin, one of 42 Technology’s senior consultants, explores the problem and identified some research on the subject in a recent article published in the International Pharmaceutical Industry journal.

Read the full article here.

Article Published in  International Pharmaceutical Industry journal, Spring 2015 Volume 7 Issue 1.  (© 2015)

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