Expanding our team and facilities following record growth

Expanding our team and facilities following record growth

February 2016

42 Technology expands its team and facilities following record growth in 2015

We are delighted to announce a significant increase in our capacity to deliver client projects following record business growth in 2015.

We have increased our staff numbers by 40% over the last year, added more office space, and are doubling the size of our development laboratories to accommodate more experimental and technology development work, as well as enabling even larger-scale test or prototype manufacturing system builds for our clients.

42 Technology’s client work and in-house team have expanded so significantly throughout 2015 that we were starting to outgrow our existing facilities. Annual sales are up over 55% compared with the previous year, the number of active client projects has never been higher, and we have further strengthened our in-house team with specific skills in areas such as software development, analytical modelling and international project management.

2016 is also off to a flying start with a strong pipeline of work and plans to add a number of further positions over the next few months to meet growing client demand.

Jeremy Carey, Managing Director at 42 Technology

We moved into our existing fully-customised offices in 2011 and have grown considerably by continuing to win even larger, longer-term strategic projects from world-leading brands across all of our active market sectors, as well as more development work from start-ups and SMEs. Much of the recent expansion is a direct result of our growing reputation and success in international markets, particularly with clients based in US, Germany and Switzerland.

We also plan to use the new laboratory space to build and house a working prototype of our adaptable train carriage concept which was announced last year as a winner in the ‘Tomorrow’s Train Design Today’ competition. The demonstrator system is due to be unveiled later this year.

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