Gasworld magazine features 42T’s innovative work with Linde Gases

Gasworld magazine features 42T’s innovative work with Linde Gases

April 2019

Gasworld magazine’s global April edition features 42 Technology’s work with this global firm

TIG welding using shielding gas cylinders with EVOS VIPR valves

The profile gives an overview of the company and its history as well as presenting the work completed for Linde Gases.

Linde is a leading global industrial gases and engineering company with 2021 sales of $31 billion (€26 billion). The company serves a variety of end markets including chemicals & energy, food & beverage, electronics, healthcare, manufacturing, metals and mining.

This firm’s industrial gases are used in countless applications, from life-saving oxygen for hospitals to high-purity & specialty gases for electronics manufacturing, hydrogen for clean fuels and much more.

They also deliver state-of-the-art gas processing solutions to support customer expansion, efficiency improvements and emissions reductions.

42T is often unable to disclose specific details of product or process innovations because of their strategic importance to a client’s business.

However, it has been allowed to announce its work with Linde for this project. 42T helped design, develop and launch the EVOS family of three industrial gas cylinder valves.

Award-winning expertise

This including the award-winning EVOS Ci high pressure cylinder valve and protective guard and the EVOS DCi.  The latter is an IoT digital valve for industrial gas cylinders and a world-first for the sector.

Says CEO, Dr Jon Spratley, “42 Technology can typically access a much more expansive view and range of technologies because of the company’s cross‐industry experience.  This means lower risk innovation, faster time-to-market and lower cost products.”

“In other words, we can leverage something we might have seen in say medical breathing gases into the industrial
domain. Or a technology used within food manufacturing to help solve a particular problem in the transport sector.”

You can read the full article here (pdf): 42 Technology - Innovative, pragmatic solutions 

Published in gasworld magazine (global edition) 

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