Gum manufacturing breakthrough for Mondelēz International

Gum manufacturing breakthrough for Mondelēz International

January 2016

42 Technology has developed a gum manufacturing breakthrough for Mondelēz International by partnering with one of the world’s leading providers of manufacturing process equipment, Gabler GmbH & Co. KG.

The two companies pooled their resources and complementary expertise to develop a new generation of high-speed cooling tunnels that are helping Mondelēz International to significantly increase efficiency and production throughput, reduce work in progress by 60%, and to further optimise downstream processing and packaging.

Gum manufacturing breakthrough for Mondelēz International
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Mondelēz International’s chewing gum brands include: Trident, the world’s number one gum brand, as well as Dentyne, Clorets, Hollywood, Dirol, Stimorol and First.

We were appointed by Mondelēz International to work with Gabler, the company’s existing supplier of cooling tunnels, to bring a fresh perspective and drawing on its extensive experience in cooling technologies, fluid dynamics and process improvement for the food and drink sector.  The aim was to identify new ways of using combined conductive and convective cooling technologies to help speed up the cooling of extruded gum before it is scored, shaped and moves into the conditioning phase.

Gum manufacturing breakthrough for Mondelēz International

Our role included: working with Gabler to develop a new system design, developing a theoretical model of the cooling process, advising on the final tunnel design and helping with commissioning the new equipment.  Gabler then built and tested the prototype system before installing the final design.

The new high-speed cooling tunnels, which have now been installed in three global locations highlight the significant commercial benefits of bringing together partners with complementary skills.

42 Technology and Gabler have joined forces to develop a real breakthrough in cooling performance that has helped Mondelēz International to set a new efficiency benchmark. The new tunnels have significantly shortened the time needed for gum cooling and conditioning, one of the most time-consuming steps in the manufacturing process and are also 40% smaller than the equipment they replace.

Miles van Niekerk, Associate Director, new process development at Mondelēz International

In addition to helping design the new cooling tunnel, we have also advised Mondelēz International on a number of other opportunities to further optimise process efficiency through improved control of temperature, humidity and other environmental factors.






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