Using Powerpoint CAD for your concept design presentation

Using Powerpoint CAD for your concept design presentation

February 2018

by Simon Jelley,  Head of Innovation at 42T

“A bad design with a good presentation is doomed eventually. A good design with a bad presentation is doomed immediately.”

David Akin, Director Space Systems Laboratory, University of Maryland

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Concept generation work often results in hundreds of ideas and idea fragments. These need to be combined, developed, screened and ranked. And when it comes to presenting your ideas, clear and compelling communication is key.

Visually presenting complex ideas

Simon Jelley says, “A great concept can be killed off immediately if it is not well presented. A large part of our everyday work at 42 Technology is communicating complex ideas.

Typically this relates to innovative mechanisms, processes and product designs. Over the years we have evolved and refined our approach to ensure that these ideas are presented in a way that is both clear and compelling.

Simple, but effective

We have found that at an early stage in the concept development, a clear and cost-effective way of communicating complex ideas is to use what we call ‘Powerpoint CAD’.

For this reason, we have created a great ‘how to’ article where we pass on tips and experiences. This will help you quickly produce detailed 3D images.”

Read the full article here: Advanced 3D drawing in Powerpoint

Simon Jelley Principal consultant & Head of Innovation at 42T

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Simon has a deep understanding of the behaviour of fluids and heat transfer, as well as a strong track record in mechanism design, ranging from mass-produced disposable mechanisms to space vehicle payload attachment and deployment.

His experience and scientific understanding cross over into broader areas such as sensing, electronics and embedded software enabling him to bridge between fields to give a more complete system level view to development.

He is an experienced innovation facilitator and helps spread best practice for innovation techniques within the 42T team.

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