Inkjet is the next big trend for product decoration

Inkjet is the next big trend for product decoration

May 2013

A recent international seminar discussed the opportunities and challenges of using inkjet printing technology for direct product decoration

42 Technology’s printing specialists participated in the recent Industrial Inkjet international seminar focused around the prospect of using inkjet technology for decorating directly on first level product packaging.

Current printing technologies for packaging and product decoration are mostly analogue-based on offset methods. These are designed for high volumes and high throughput production lines.

With increasing demand for more flexible decorating solutions the market is moving into digital solutions, especially digitally printed labels.

Direct product decoration

This is a new trend and is especially suitable for drop-on demand inkjet. Its main advantages are in supporting the demand for short and flexible printing runs and enabling cost effective printing. Also, in print customisation and the ability to print on complex 3D shapes.

The use of inkjet for industrial applications is a rapidly developing technology. However, it is not yet well established and not yet standardised within the industry. But industry experts predict that this technology is the next big trend in product decoration.

Now would be an excellent time to invest in it.

The future

Many challenges lay ahead of any company wishing to incorporate a printing system for direct printing within their production lines. Not many standard digital industrial printers exist in the market, mainly because each application is different and no standard design exists.

Understanding the applications and market needs as well as the capabilities of the technology will enable inkjet companies to provide the right solutions for this growing demand.

42 Technology’s experience in inkjet, as well as other printing technologies, has already delivered real value to product packaging suppliers wishing to deliver enhanced product decoration.

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