Download MEDTEC UK Presentations

Download MEDTEC UK Presentations

May 2014

John Loveluck and Ryan Chessar are back to tell us about their speaker slots at MEDTEC UK.

Ryan presented a talk on Design for the developing world to a full crowd and generated a lot of interest. The talk shared real life examples of good design in the developing world and top tips to ensure design success.

It is a fascinating subject, combining real human need with ingenuity and triumph amid difficult conditions. For example the solution by non-profit Peekvision that turns a smartphone into an effective ophthalmic instrument for local diagnosis and sharing images with UK experts.

Ryan was followed by Professor Jaideep Prabhu of the University of Cambridge who talked about what we can learn from the design culture in the developing world, drawing many parallels with the examples from Ryan’s talk.

John Loveluck shared his expertise on Quality by Design, with particular reference to how it affects suppliers of container closure system components and drug delivery devices to the pharmaceutical industry.

QbD as envisaged by FDA and ICH is a pharmaceutical industry initiative, but its roots go back 40 years and have been well accepted in other industries for several decades.

Indeed, the QbD concepts of detailed process and product understanding coupled with scientifically based proactive risk management have been well established within the medical device industry for many years, and do not necessarily require a major change in mindset.

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