Newsletter: Healthcare & Life Sciences Update - Feb 2023

Newsletter: Healthcare & Life Sciences Update - Feb 2023

February 2023

By Craig Townsend, Director of Healthcare at 42T

The ‘digitisation’ of healthcare continues to be a controversial topic. And it’s been reported that over 50% of patients are uncomfortable with their data being collected in a healthcare setting. This number rises to 70% in the USA! 

But the collection and processing of patient data is having a positive effect on the world of healthcare, both at the point of care and beyond. So how can we convince patients that ethically collecting information is a good idea? 

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Newsletter: Healthcare & Life Sciences Update - Feb 2023

Increasing the value of a medical device with health data

The collection and use of patient health data continues to come under increased scrutiny. Collecting, processing, analysing, and sharing patient data can help reduce readmission, avoid medical errors, decrease repeat testing, identify new treatment options and benefit other patients through greater insight into conditions.

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Paul Bearpark

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Craig Townsend
Director of Healthcare

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