Newsletter: Healthcare & Life Sciences Update - May 2023

Newsletter: Healthcare & Life Sciences Update - May 2023

May 2023

By Craig Townsend, Director of Healthcare at 42T

This month, we wanted to explore the topic of inclusive design and most importantly, how some advances in technology are having a negative impact on aging populations.

 Inclusive design should be at the forefront of everything we do and as professionals developing healthcare and life science products, our goal is to improve wellbeing. But are we actually making people more confused, leading to feelings of depression and isolation?

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Newsletter: Healthcare & Life Sciences Update - May 2023

How can better UI design save lives?

For International Women's Day this month, 42T's engineers and designers looked into what sports coaches, athletes and product manufacturers need to consider to make sport more equitable.

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Meet Robert Mueller


Position: Product Designer

Joined the team in: November 2020

Specialism:  Rob holds a first-class Masters in Product Design Engineering from Glasgow School of Art and the University of Glasgow

Fun fact: Likes taking things apart and thinking about how they can be improved. Once got thousands of hits on his blog by fixing a classic toaster!

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The importance of asking the right question ...

25 years ago, our founders set up 42 Technology in honour of Douglas Adams' series The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. We've been solving highly challenging problems for clients ever since. We don't just solve the unsolvable through good engineering practice, we challenge the norms and preconceptions to make sure we find the best answers to the right questions. 

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The Innovation Apple: balancing technology & market needs

Innovative product development can be a risky business. The Innovation Apple encourages innovators to bring the market and technology components of this process into balance, maximising chances of success.

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Craig Townsend
Director of Healthcare

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