Newsletter: Reasons to be Optimistic – Dec 2022

Newsletter: Reasons to be Optimistic – Dec 2022

December 2022

By Dr Jon Spratley, CEO at 42T

As we come to the end of the year, I wanted to share my final Reasons to be Optimistic for 2022.  

42T is closing a brilliant year. Our rebrand early in the year went very well, we refurbished our offices to make a much more welcoming and positive space and, most importantly, we have recruited some brilliant team members to further strengthen our cast of all-star engineers, scientists and designers (see below).

Our clients have used us for some amazing projects through 2022, which has helped us live up to our Vision of “A better world through innovative technology development”. We've been helping them with reducing CO2, water and waste in their production and packaging in our Consumer Sector; developing systems to generate clean energy and detect harmful gas leaks in Industrial; and developing treatments for diseases, improving diagnostics and creating novel vaccine production in Healthcare

All of which makes me very proud of the positive impact that we can collectively have, and optimistic that we have the wherewithal to make the future even better still.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday and wishing you all the best for an optimistic 2023.

Newsletter: Reasons to be Optimistic – Dec 2022

Festive traditions and how to stay healthy

In this recent article our Healthcare team looks at some festivals and celebrations from around the world. While usually fun, they are not all formed with health and wellbeing in mind. What might be the health impacts in celebrating these traditions?

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Five new starters

Some of our recent recruits

It's been a busy year for recruitment, and we've welcomed some more fabulous people to our team. The above photo was taken before our annual staff awards and promotions meeting and features (L to R): Kufirre, Claire, Shreeya, Michaela & Robin.  

This year we welcomed:

•    Dr Christine Harvey - Non Executive Director
Dr Claire Lebouteiller - Senior Consultant, Medical Devices
Joe Morton - Engineer
Jordan Smith - Finance Assistant
Kathy McConnell - Sales & Marketing Administrator
 Kufirre Ebong - Consultant 
 Michaela Hume - Engineer
Mike Sales - Principal Consultant
Robin Ferraby - Director of Consumer
Shreeya Patel - Engineer

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And in case you missed these insights from the team…

Green claims - how impending EU regulations can help futureproof products and improve profitability

Will manufacturers see this as a restriction or could it be an opportunity to futureproof products and safeguard product supply chain? Just two of many benefits.

Engineers, Tim and Jake, examine the issues, highlight the benefits of embracing the restrictions through finding new and better materials, and improving manufacturing processes and recyclability.

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How to get around the supply chain squeeze

The last 18 months have been extraordinary for the electronics industry. Supply chain issues have dominated everything. For those who’ve been in the industry a long time, we’ve never seen it quite like this.

Our Head of Electronics and Software, Paul Bearpark, shares design tips to help you get ahead of ongoing supply chain issues.

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5 design considerations for achieving repairability in your product

A product that is repairable is not only better for the environment, it's a better commercial proposition. By building brand loyalty you stand to gain trust and promote an emotional attachment with your product and brand.

Rob explains how building repairability into a product's design from inception is the way to go. 

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Movie inspiration meets medical innovation

When our Director of Healthcare, Craig Townsend, first worked in the movies making props and doing horror make-up, little did he realise where his skills would ultimately lead him!

In this article Craig explores the topic of medical applications of fake skin and fake blood. The problems, the challenges and a potential solution. 

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I hope you found the above of interest and agree we can still be the masters of our own destiny by applying an intelligent and proactive approach.

Best regards,


Dr Jon Spratley
Chief Executive Officer

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