Newsletter: Reasons to be Optimistic – March 2023

Newsletter: Reasons to be Optimistic – March 2023

March 2023

By Dr Jon Spratley, CEO at 42T

As we approach Easter and the close of the first quarter, I wanted to share some exciting news about the year ahead.

As you may be aware, 42T is helping several businesses to navigate the challenges of bringing genuinely game-changing technologies to market where the development process and potential risks can be very different from their existing experiences in iterative product improvements.

Newsletter: Reasons to be Optimistic – March 2023

As demand for consulting services therefore continues to grow, we’ve begun the process of hiring additional expertise across several areas including mechanical engineering, healthcare, optics and physics. We plan to create up to 20 new positions this year as part of a major expansion plan.

This will help us meet fast-growing demand for technology innovation and new product development capabilities, and we will therefore be in the best possible position to service our clients going forward. 

We will continue building on our strong reputation for partnering with clients and helping them to solve complex technical problems, and develop brilliantly successful products all the more effectively.

There has never been a better time to take advantage of our resources and vast expertise that we have to offer you.

Innovation webinar by Dr Alan Hart

In his webinar, Alan talked about how, used wisely, specific techniques can provide a great framework for circumnavigating the patent minefields that competitors create.

  • How valuable innovations arise – does a genius innovation require a genius innovator?
  • What are the intervention points where structured approaches can help us innovate?

  • What do we mean by structured approaches to innovation?

  • Specific techniques to help innovation teams to dream big, uncovering unmet needs, refining ideas, and improving invention skills.

  • Real world examples where these approaches have created significant value.

His talk was illustrated to show examples of innovation mapping in practice.

More here

Meet Francesca Stephens

Francesca Stephens

Position: Director of Consumer

Joined the team in: November 2015

Specialism/skills: Francesca holds a first-class masters in Product Design Engineering from Glasgow School of Art and the University of Glasgow

Fun fact: Designs artwork for her Etsy shop, and keeps fit weightlifting twice a week.

Read more about Francesca

And in case you missed these insights from the team…

Real-world data and testing, risk management, and post market surveillance can make or break a product
The iPhone demonstrated, perhaps better than any other product in history, that user experience beats on-paper technical specification. The recent record sale of a first generation iPhone for over $63k set our Head of Innovation thinking about the success of the iPhone’s launch.

View 'Real world data' article

Exploring lifecycle assessment methods for sustainable product design
For International Women's Day this month, 42T's engineers and designers looked into the sort of things sports coaches, athletes and product manufacturers need to consider to make sport more equitable.

View ‘Making sport more of a level playing field’

Innovative, energy-saving inkjet drying process
Dr Peter Brown, 42T's Head of Industrial, proposes a potential energy-saving alternative method of drying water-based ink in his interview with Printweek.
View ‘Inkjet drying process’

Increasing the value of a medical device through health data
Greater insights into health conditions can be gained from real-world patient data. How can medical device companies use this insight to benefit end users and create higher quality devices?

View ‘Health data’

I hope you found the above of interest - do get in touch if you have a project in mind.

Best regards,


Dr Jon Spratley
Chief Executive Office

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