Rowan Beale writes in New Electronics magazine on why pre-compliance testing is crucial

Rowan Beale writes in New Electronics magazine on why pre-compliance testing is crucial

June 2022

Engineering physicist, Rowan Beale, looks at pre-compliance testing and how it can greatly reduce the risks associated with formal compliance testing

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Getting pre-compliance testing wrong can result in increased project costs and timescales, having to go around the development loop again, mismanaged expectations, and target markets not being achievable. So why put it off or bypass it altogether?

Rowan says, "It makes no sense to delay pre-compliance testing. Rather do it from the outset. Pre-compliance is about reducing risk and validating product design, so mitigating that risk during development is vital."

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In his article for New Electronics, Rowan sites examples where the impact of failing compliance tests was significant, costly and damaging both to businesses and customers.

View the article: Getting ahead of the Game (pdf)

Published in the 22 June 2022 issue of New Electronics at

Rowan Beale, Engineering Physicist & Project Manager at 42 Technology

If you would like to find out more, please contact Rowan: | +44 (0)1480 302700 |

Rowan is an engineering physicist and project manager with experience in testing and modelling. He is especially talented in overcoming a variety of technical challenges.

His strong analytical and logical mindset allows him to quickly understand complex problems and develop a suitable solution.

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