Cutting single-use plastic waste from a medical product

Cutting single-use plastic waste from a medical product

As global businesses strive for sustainability, they are rethinking the way they design and produce their products. Our client wanted to replace their single-use plastic medical product. After 42T's initial research, work is now under way to progress their next-generation products that will tread more lightly on the planet

Companies worldwide are reimagining their products and practices as they strive towards the goal of sustainability. Our client approached us with a clear mandate: replace their single-use plastic medical product with a sustainable alternative without compromising on quality, user experience, or regulatory compliance.Medical masks

What we did

At 42T, we thrive on challenges, and this project was no exception. Our team carried out comprehensive research into alternative sustainable materials with particular consideration given to compliance with anticipated new regulations in certain markets.

We mapped out the landscape of possible materials that could be suitable in a MECE (Mutually Exclusive, Collectively Exhaustive) diagram. After evaluating the options against performance, commercial and manufacturing criteria, we recommended certain high-volume compostable plastics for short-term needs and 'up and coming' materials for longer term development in strategic partnership with innovative suppliers.Single-use plastic waste in medical products

Our recommendations were presented in a final review with various client stakeholders and a development roadmap is currently being prepared to progress next-generation products.

Project outcome

42T evaluated a number of alternative materials, spanning traditional options and radical new ones, and presented a new product sustainability strategy

This led to client stakeholders putting in place a transition roadmap to progress their next generation of previously single-use plastic products

Sustainability goals achieved

Sarah Knight, Head of Healthcare Technology at 42T, says: "We’re passionate about sustainability at 42T, and this project was a great opportunity to work with a like-minded client to radically reimagine their product and reduce plastic waste.

It was interesting to see a roadmap emerge where it became clear that a short-term swap could meet many of their requirements, while exciting new materials in development promise to improve sustainability and product performance even further in the future.”

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