Newsletter: Healthcare & Life Sciences Update - Dec 2022

Newsletter: Healthcare & Life Sciences Update - Dec 2022

December 2022

By Craig Townsend, Director of Healthcare at 42T

It’s that time of year again when many people are ready to take a much-deserved break over the festive period. There are lots of different ways to celebrate the festive season and our team are happy to share some experiences that you may want to try.
But like all things, some of these traditions may come with a greater deal of risk! So be prepared as you tackle something new this December. 

Noel bauble on snow covered branch with the Eiffel Tower in the background

Festive traditions and how to stay healthy 

As we approach the end of the Roman calendar year, we look at some festivals and celebrations from around the world. While usually fun, they are not all formed with health and wellbeing in mind. What might be the health impacts in celebrating these traditions? Our team finds out…

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Meet Tim Hartley

Tim Hartley

Position: Consultant

Joined the team in: October 2018

Specialism: Festive traditions and how to stay healthy 
Tim graduated from the University of Southampton with a first-class MEng in mechanical engineering with mechatronics. .

Fun facts: Tim enjoys outdoor endurance sports, such as the Olympic and half Ironman distance races.

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And in case you missed these insights from the team…

Osteoporosis - a silent burden

In this article Marta discusses what causes a disease which affects an estimated 200m people worldwide. And she discusses current diagnosis options, treatment, and opportunities for new medical devices.

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Movie inspiration meets medical innovation

I thought my special effects days were over when I moved into healthcare consulting 13 years ago, but here I am exploring the topic of medical applications of artificial skin and blood.

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Have a great festive break!

Craig Townsend
Director of Healthcare

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