Newsletter: Healthcare & Life Sciences Update – Nov 2022

Newsletter: Healthcare & Life Sciences Update – Nov 2022

November 2022

By Craig Townsend, Director of Healthcare at 42T

This month marks Movember, a global call to action on men’s health, both physical and mental. Movember supports an incredible cause and at 42T we care deeply about all health issues. If you would like to see what we’ve been up to, please visit our fundraising page.

But outside of Movember and men’s health, this month we wanted to focus on a key women’s health issue. As regular readers will be aware, we write a lot about the gender bias in healthcare and there are numerous conditions that affect men and women differently or disproportionately. Osteoporosis is one of them.

A silent burden but technology could hold the answer

Osteoporosis is a bone condition that is caused by increased levels of bone loss which reduces bone density, weakens bones, and can lead to fractures. It is estimated that it affects 200 million people worldwide. Age and being female are two of the main risk factors – 80% of Americans with osteoporosis are women and it affects 1 in 4 women over 65.

In this article Marta discusses what causes osteoporosis, current diagnosis options, treatment, and opportunities for new medical devices.

X-rays featuring human bones

Read the Osteoporosis article here

Meet Michaela Hume

Michaela Hume Mechanical Engineer t 42 Technology

Position: Engineer

Joined the team in: Sept 2022

Specialism: Michaela holds a first-class Masters degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Bath. For her Masters, she designed and tested a fixation mechanism for an artificial meniscus.

Fun facts: She’s a keen musician and enjoys reading about forensic psychology.

Find out more about Michaela

And in case you missed these insights from the team…

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I thought my special effects days were over when I moved into healthcare consulting 13 years ago, but here I am exploring the topic of medical applications of artificial skin and blood.

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Improving the effectiveness of medical device donations

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What can we do as medical device experts to reduce the ‘dumping’ of medical devices and improve the quality of these donations to those in need?

Best wishes,

Craig Townsend
Director of Healthcare

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