Newsletter: Reasons to be Optimistic – Oct 2022

Newsletter: Reasons to be Optimistic – Oct 2022

October 2022

By Dr Jon Spratley, CEO at 42T

Newsletter: Reasons to be Optimistic – Oct 2022

I’m excited to share the next instalment of things that the team at 42T are optimistic about. In each edition, I focus on business benefits and other subjects that we feel are topical and important. I also include other news that may be of interest.

Sustainability & Net Zero: boosting competitiveness through strategic innovation

Sustainability and net zero are two critical themes that will drive significant innovation in the 21st century for most industries.

In this article, our team discusses how harnessing innovative product design and manufacturing has a whole range of business benefits. We examine why sustainability and net zero aims are good for business. Also, how innovation and clever design can be harnessed to improve production efficiencies.  And how multidisciplinary perspectives and expertise can pay for itself in the long run by a thorough process overview.

We illustrate, with case studies, where we’ve saved our clients money while also improving their sustainability credentials – whether through energy efficiency or minimising plastic packaging.

The world of product development and product manufacturing is facing serious challenges that are complex and do not have easy solutions. 42T is perfectly placed to help companies tackle them by identifying the right ideas and executing them quickly and successfully.

Read the article here

Meet Robin Ferraby

Robin Ferraby Director of Consumer at 42 Technology

Position: Director of Consumer

Joined the team in: September 2022

Specialism/skills: Robin is an experienced new product development professional with 20+ years’ experience across product marketing, technology development, design, innovation, marketing planning and sales.

Fun fact: The first time he went in a plane, he flew it!

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And in case you missed these insights from the team…

Real-world data and testing, risk management, and post market surveillance can make or break a product
Read examples of where things don’t always work out as planned – even when you think you’ve covered all the bases.
View ‘Real-world data and testing’

Exploring lifecycle assessment methods for sustainable product design
Find out how these methods provide a framework and process for designers and product manufacturers to reduce emissions associated with their products.
View ‘Exploring lifecycle assessment methods’

Women’s health spotlight: endometriosis
What is it? Why is it such a problem? How is it diagnosed and treated? And how can the medical devices industry help those suffering from it?
View ‘Endometriosis’

Valuable tips for successful process modelling in FMCG manufacturing
A perfect and highly detailed computer model may seem like the answer, but sometimes an imperfect but more practical model is needed.
View ‘Valuable tips for successful process modelling’

I hope you found the above of interest and agree we can still be the masters of our own destiny by applying an intelligent and proactive approach.

Best regards,


Dr Jon Spratley
Chief Executive Officer

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